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me at school of rock…

hey we should do a metal show with modern metal bands like OM&M, BVB, BFMV, Escape the Fate, ect.

the staff: umm…no. there is no talent in that stuff. its just heavy chugging on an open string thats tuned to god knows what. it sounds like dum dum..dum dum dum..dum… dadadadada…dum dum.

Me: hey…try playing that stuff on drums and guitar. it is actually pretty hard.

 Staff: no. try playing classic rock. that stuff is good.

Me: classic rock just has the same note for half the song being played repetativley.

Staff: we still get to decide what shows are played so NO.


getscaredwithme asked:

You can post this one. But yea, that anon is fucking stupid. Like seriously, I'd love to go on a walk with them. I don't hate you.You're amazing. I know you din't think you are but you are. I want things to be normal this weekend at church. We can still be friends, right?

We can be friends and stuff, but I wiling very awkward around you just o let you know, cuz I never do well with my exes. Unless me and her get back together. but yea… I still want to get back together with you and nothing will change that. I don’t know how you feel about that.


Anonymous asked:

so i see you havent killed yourself yet. that sucks. i could totally help you out if you want. those people that are being nice to you arent really your friends. they dont like you. they want you gone to. they just wont say it. so just do it you pussy. nobody wants you. even your girlfriend broke up with you. thats proof.

ok cool. again you say i should kill myself but you are to pussy to come off of anon. oh well. maybe we could have fun with it. make it hurt me alot. you would enjoy that wouldnt you you sick person? and she may have broken up with me, but thats because we never see each other. we still like each other and im totally willing to still get back together with her when we are able to see each other more like over the summer and next schoolyear, but im not exactly sure she will be single by then. so why dont you kill me if you want me gone so bad than? that makes you the pussy. cunt.

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